Why has PM ignored plight of Marathwada’s farmers: Congress

“Most of Maharashtra is facing a water shortage this year but Marathwada has been the worst affected with drinking water reservoirs only at 19 per cent capacity, compared to 40 per cent last year,” he said.

In Latur, water availability has come down to once in 15 days, he noted.

“Instead of trying to address this catastrophe, BJP leaders have shirked responsibility, played the blame game, and failed to address allegations of widespread corruption in the implementation of relief and support schemes,” Ramesh alleged.

What is the PM’s vision to tackle water scarcity in Marathwada, he asked.

He also raised the issue that since December 2023, onion farmers in Maharashtra have been reeling from the Modi government’s ban on onion exports.

“During the cultivation season, the state was hit with unsatisfactory rainfall and water crises, and most farmers were only able to produce 50 per cent of their usual crop. When onions were finally harvested, farmers were faced with an arbitrary export ban which led to devastatingly low sale prices,” Ramesh said.

As a result, farmers have racked up significant losses in the last five months, he said.

“To add insult to injury, yesterday, the Modi Sarkar allowed the export of white onions which are primarily grown in Gujarat. Maharashtrian farmers, who primarily grow red onions, have been left out. Can PM Modi explain why his government is playing favourites? Why have they so callously neglected Maharashtra’s onion farmers?” Ramesh said.

The Congress Nyay Patra promises a stable, predictable import-export policy to prevent such catastrophic last-minute policies being imposed on farmers, he said.

“What is the Modi Sarkar’s vision to assure farmers of policy stability?” Ramesh said and asked the prime minister to break his “silence” on these issues.

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