US Woman Survives For 15 Hours In Floods, Stranded On Top Of Her Car

Underestimating the depth of the water, her car was swept away.

On Tuesday, a California woman was rescued after spending approximately 15 hours stranded on the top of her overturned car, partially submerged in rushing water on a flooded remote road, as reported by officials, Fox News reported. 

The incident occurred when the woman attempted to cross to the other side of a flooded road in the 7000 block of Del Valle Road in Livermore at around 7:30 pm on Monday, according to the Alameda County Fire Department. Underestimating the depth of the water, her car was swept away.

The floodwater caused the vehicle to overturn, compelling the woman to swim in the cold waters and climb onto the top of the car. Authorities informed KTVU FOX 2 that the woman had lost her cell phone, rendering her unable to call for assistance.

“During that time that her vehicle overturned in the water, she lost her phone and all other important items not to mention it was a bad coverage area anyway,” Battalion Chief Kent Carlin said.

Watch the video of rescue here:

In the morning of Tuesday, a camper in the vicinity noticed the woman still marooned on the upturned car and promptly summoned assistance. Authorities disclosed that the woman had been on top of the car for approximately 15 hours.

“You could tell from her condition that she was cold, her hands were discoloured, and she had been there overnight,” Carlin told the station.

Firefighters were gearing up for a ladder rescue using a truck, but the California Highway Patrol opted to assist with a helicopter instead.

The video footage documented the helicopter lowering personnel to lift the woman to safety while turbulent water streamed down the roadway.

“The water was significantly rapid when we arrived, I can only imagine that last night it was flowing a little heavier,” Carlin said.

Authorities mentioned that despite enduring cold weather throughout the night, the woman did not exhibit any signs of injury.


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