US Professor Stirs Controversy For Encouraging People To Read About Sex With Animals

The journal says that animals can consent to sex with humans

A professor from an Ivy League institution, who identifies as an animal rights activist, endorsed a pro-bestiality study on Thursday, deeming it “thought-provoking.” Peter Singer, a bioethics professor at Princeton University and co-founder of the Journal of Controversial Ideas, shared the study, asserting that the article challenges societal “taboos” surrounding engaging in sexual activities with animals.

“Another thought-provoking article is ‘Zoophilia Is Morally Permissible’ by Fira Bensto (pseudonym), which is just out in the current issue of [the Journal of Controversial Ideas],” Professor Singer wrote in a post on X, formerly Twitter.

“This piece challenges one of society’s strongest taboos and argues for the moral permissibility of some forms of sexual contact between humans and animals,” he continued.

“This article offers a controversial perspective that calls for a serious and open discussion on animal ethics and sex ethics,” the Princeton University bioethics professor added, encouraging people to “read and ponder” the study promoting sex with animals.

See the post here:

The journal says that animals can consent to sex with humans and it may not always be a harmful experience for them. The piece is available online. 

“The case for zoophilia being permissible is fairly robust, and commonly raised objections fall flat or are insufficiently backed up,” the anonymous author wrote in the piece.

“Critics of zoophilia need more than outrage, they need better arguments,” it concludes. “I suggest that the permissibility of zoophilia should now be taken as the default position, with the burden of proof belonging to its critics.”

Professor Singer was slammed on social media for his thoughts. A user wrote, “There is nothing to ponder. People (almost always men) who rape and sexually molest animals should be in jail and on the sex offender register. Sex with someone who can’t consent is rape. Next!”

“Professor, Twitter is not a good venue for this. Earth also likely isn’t a good a venue, but definitely not Twitter,” another user wrote on X.

“Repent,” the third user wrote. 

Professor Singer is best known for his 1975 work “Animal Liberation.” 

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