US Couple Accidentally Ship Their Cat In Amazon Return Box, It Arrives 6 Days Later

Ms Clark and her husband flew to California to pick up their cat. (Representative Image)

A couple from Utah, United States, accidentally shipped their pet cat in an Amazon return package, as per a report in the New York Post. The pet almost survived in the box without food or water for six days.

The cat’s owner, Carrie Clark, discovered the animal had vanished on April 10. Ms Clark spent almost a week searching their home and neighbourhood with the help of family and friends. They also posted missing posters all around the town. The feline, named Galena, was discovered safe and well inside the package on April 17 by an employee at an Amazon warehouse in California. “I didn’t believe it at first and thought it was a prank,” she said when she learnt that the cat was alive.

“Galena is a huge emotional support to me and has helped me get through many health challenges over the past six years. The anxiety and stress of not knowing what happened to her was excruciating,” she explained.

On April 17, the owner received a call from a vet in California informing that the cat was brought into the clinic and her microchip was scanned. The veterinarian clarified that Brandy, an employee of Amazon, had brought the cat after discovering it in a return package having Ms Clark’s residential address.

“I ran to tell my husband that Galena was found, and we broke down upon realizing that she must have jumped into an oversized box that we shipped out the previous Wednesday,” she stated. The owner continued, “The box was a ‘try before you buy’ and filled with steel-toed work boots,” she explained.

The woman explained, “After talking to the vet, I got to talk to Brandy on the phone. She was so relieved to find out that we love Galena and were desperately looking for her.”

The next day, Ms Clark and her husband flew to California to pick up their cat. They were thrilled to meet Brandy and express their gratitude for her assistance in discovering and taking care of their cat.

“It was an amazing reunion! Galena instantly stopped shaking and relaxed in my arms when I got to hold her again. Despite being skinnier and some mild dehydration, her bloodwork was completely normal and she was completely unharmed!” she remarked.

“The box Galena was in was split open on one seam and that gave her air to breathe. Galena survived because of her microchip, Brandy’s kindness and generosity, and God’s grace!” she concluded.

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