This is something we are taking very seriously: Justin Trudeau on India-Canada row

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has once again reiterated his allegation of India’s involvement in the murder of Khalistani terrorist Hardeep Singh Nijjar on Canadian soil and said his country “will always stand up for the rule of law”.

Trudeau said he reached out to India “to get into the bottom of this matter” and to allies, including the US, to investigate Canada’s claims about Nijjar’s killing.

“This is something that we are taking very seriously. We will continue to work with all partners as law enforcement and investigative agencies continue to do their work. Canada is a country that will always stand up for the rule of law. Because if it might start to make them right, and if bigger countries can violate international law without consequences, then the whole world gets more dangerous for everyone,” he told reporters.

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