Thieves Rob Entire Inventory Of Family Jewelry Store; Hugs and High-Fives Celebration Goes Viral- Watch | World News

The alarming incident of loot took place at Huener Jewelry shop on Santa Monica Boulevard in West Hollywood, USA between June 17 and 18. The thieves, four in number, broke into a family’s jewelry store, stole all the accounts, and flew away. Robberer’s win celebration  after the loot has pissed people off and they suggested to them “Get a job.” The shocking video was recorded on the installed CCTV camera in the store. 

The videos of the loot were posted by @officialrobbieg (son of the jewelry store owner)on his Instagram account showing in detail the scene of the robbery and later situation.

The first video was posted with the caption, “Our family jewelry store of over 40 years in West Hollywood has been robbed. All gone. All our inventory has been stolen. Both safes have been looted.” The video showed the after-scene of the store. Everything in the store was thrown here and there. The lockers were broken down and all the inventories in it were stolen including other precious items. The video showed that the thieves must have come with proper planning and tools for the robbery.



Goukasian posted the second video with the caption, “Part 2 of the Jewelry heist at our store in West Hollywood. The surveillance.” The CCTV recorded video showed the thieves and their entire looting process. The robbers looked happy and were captured celebrating the loot with hugs and high-fives.



He further informed with another comment, “The alarm system never triggered despite the fact that many sensors were installed. The thieves spent the entire day inside our store on the day we were closed. These thieves are highly sophisticated. They used high-powered blow torches. They hit our store 2* in one day, one early morning. Then came back at night for the second safe.”


The posted videos went viral on the internet and had combined received over 19,000 likes and more than 5000 comments. Netizens are angry about the incident and are demanding justice for the family.

Here are some reactions from the users:

“Hey man this is heartbreaking, I can’t even imagine.”

“So sorry to see this Robbie, this state, and the dems that allow for these types of things to happen!”


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