Suella Braverman sacked as UK Interior Minister: 5 of her big controversies

The UK’s now former Interior Minister Suella Braverman was sacked on Monday by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, a move that came after days of mounting pressure on the latter due to her controversial remark on pro-Palestine protest marches in the country. British media reported that the sacking came owing to a UK cabinet reshuffle.

David Cameron, the former premier of the country, is expected to take her position.

Braverman, meanwhile, has always been embroiled in controversies.

Here’s a look at the top controversies:

  • Suella Braverman triggered controversy after she went against Rishi Sunak, and published an article that criticised the police action on protests that took place on Saturday. In the article, she claimed that cops “played favourites” while handling left “pro-Palestinian mobs” and were “tougher” on right-wing extremists.

  • Earlier this month, she said on X (formerly Twitter) that those sleeping on the streets on tents are doing so as a “lifestyle choice”. She added that the rows of tents cannot be allowed to be put on streets lest British cities become like Los Angeles and San Francisco where “weak policies” have caused an explosion of crimes and drug taking.

Published On:

Nov 13, 2023

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