‘Struggle Abhi Baaqi Hain’: Indian, Foreign Students In Canada Queue Up Outside Tim Hortons Seeking Jobs

In this screengrab from a video shared on Instagram, Indian as well as foreign students are seen queuing up for a job poster outside an outlet of Canada mega coffeehouse chain Tim Hortons. (Image: Instagram/@heyiamnishat)

The video shared on Instagram by a person who himself queued outside the popular coffeehouse chain’s outlet said job scarcity is at an all time high in Canada.

Long queues of Indian and foreign students outside Canadian coffeehouse chain Tim Hortons in Canada has revealed the extent to which unemployment rates have risen in the North American nation.

A video of Indian and foreign students standing in a long queue at the job fair at a Tim Horton’s outlet in Canada has gone viral on social media. Originally shared on Instagram with the accompanying caption “Job Fair at Tim Hortons Aur Struggle Abhi Baaqi Hai Mere Dost”, the short video has raked in over 1 million views and more than 500 comments.

The creator of the video, Nishant, revealed that he himself joined the queue looking for a job. He said he is a student in Canada and has been hunting for the job for a month.

He said over 100 students including him were waiting in the queue for the job. He also shared his interview experience and discussed what questions the coffeehouse chain asked.

He said that the company asked them about their schedule briefly and kept their résumés while assuring them that they will receive a phone call from the company.

“I don’t know if I will find a job at either store. So this was my day full of struggle,” Nishat said after submitting his résumé, adding that he travelled a long distance to apply for a job at another store.

In March, Canada’s economy unexpectedly lost a net 2,200 jobs, with the majority of the decline occurring in the services sector. Consequently, the unemployment rate rose to a new 26-month high of 6.1%, as per a report released by Reuters earlier this March.

Canada’s unemployment rate rose for the third time in four months in May once more, a separate report by Bloomberg said citing Statistics Canada, adding that the nation added 26,700 positions in May and the jobless rate rose 0.1 percentage points to 6.2%.

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