Spain’s PM Pedro Sanchez Decides To Stay In Office After Hinting Resignation Amid Wife’s Corruption Probe

Spain’s Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez has decided to continue in his role despite earlier speculations about his resignation prompted by a corruption investigation involving his wife. The 52-year-old leader had startled both allies and adversaries last week when he hinted at stepping down amidst a probe targeting his wife, Begona Gomez, for alleged influence peddling and business corruption, news agency Reuters reported.

Sanchez, a centre-left leader, had characterised the investigation as politically motivated. He met with Spain’s King Felipe VI on Monday, a protocol that would have been obligatory had he chosen to resign. However, in a televised address, Sanchez declared his intention to remain in office after receiving widespread support over the weekend.

“I have decided to go on, if possible even stronger as prime minister. This is not business as usual, things are going to be different,” Sanchez announced during the national broadcast, as quoted by Reuters’ report.

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Spain Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez’s Credibility ‘Already Hotly Contested’

His initial contemplation of resignation added further turmoil to Spain’s political scenario, which has been marked by frequent elections and struggles to form stable coalition governments. If a new election was caused, it would have led to the fourth poll in five years.

According to the report, Ignacio Jurado, a political science professor at Madrid’s Carlos III University, noted that while the opposition might try to exploit Sanchez’s moment of indecision, the impact could be constrained due to the already polarised nature of Spanish politics.

“His credibility is already hotly contested and voters have already given it to him or taken it away,” Jurado observed, as quoted by Reuters. “As a leader, he has shown a weakness and it’s something that the opposition will exploit a lot,” the professor added.

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