Sania Mirza holds court on motherhood, handling failures in sport

‘’ After motherhood, I had put on 20 kilos and hence when I started thinking of making a comeback and playing on the big stage again, people thought I was stretching it a bit too far. Well, four months down the line, I had lost 26 kgs and was back on my way,’’ Sania recalled.

Calling motherhood a kind of ‘reality check,’ the tennis star had a laugh at herself as she felt people around her were focused more on the baby than the mother. ‘’As athletes, we can be very selfish people – bothering about practice schedules, whether to eat pasta or a gluten-free diet today etc. However, as I was lying at the hospital after the C-section delivery, I noticed everyone was bothered more about the baby and not me. It has been an amazing journey since then and all I can say is that motherhood has helped me evolve as a person,’’ she said.

How is Izhaan coming up as a child? ‘’ Right now, you can say he (Izzhan) is five but going on 15. For everything, there is a why – that shows she’s my child. I didn’t know that even a child can have a sense of sarcasm, may be another of my traits,’’ Sania observed to leave the crowd in splits.

On a more serious note, the tennis icon felt that one of the most important life lessons she has learnt from sport is how to deal with failures. ‘’It’s a sport which always gives you a second chance. Failure keeps you motivated so that you can shake it off and come back stronger the next day,’’ she felt.

Asked about how important it is for an upcoming sports star to stay rooted, Sania’s take was: ‘’In life, what eventually matters is the kind of human being you are. Speaking about myself, I can say your family is very important for that grounding – you can be a Sania Mirza outside the house but when you are back home, you are still the same person.’’

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