Russia Takes Out 7th Abrams In Ukraine | Kyiv Withdrawing US-Made Tanks Over Exposed Vulnerability?

The Ukrainian conflict exposed the US-made Abrams main battle tank, which has likely lost its reputation as an invincible armoured beast. The Russian military claimed the destruction of yet another American M1 Abrams tank and an M2 Bradley infantry fighting vehicle in Ukraine. The attack was carried out using high-precision 2K25 “Krasnopol artillery ammunition” and UAVs*, as per the Russian Ministry of Defence (MoD). The arrival of US M1A1 Abrams tanks in Ukraine was initially hailed as a potential game-changer in the conflict. However, Russia’s large-scale use of surveillance and hunter-killer drones led to heavy casualties for Ukraine’s armoured fleets. After a mere few months in combat in Ukraine, the Abrams tanks were reportedly being withdrawn from the frontline, signalling a strategic reassessment.

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