Rahul Gandhi’s six-fold vow to Adivasi citizens

Before that, it had announced the Jay Jawan scheme as counterpoint to the Agniveer scheme.

Speaking of the Sushaasan promise and the FRA today—a promise akin to that of rolling back the contentious New Pension Scheme and the controversial Agnipath scheme—Gandhi said: ‘The Forest Rights Act will be brought back. The BJP weakened it, and the rights you should have on the land were not given to you. (Now) the land will be under your control again.’

On the topic of Suraksha (security), he said, “In every part of India where more than 50 per cent of the population is Adivasis, we will include it in Schedule VI. This means Adivasi people themselves will make all local decisions.”

This of course segues neatly into the promise of Swashashan (self-rule or participative governance). Acknowledging the importance of tribal rights to self-determination, Gandhi made a distinction between the terms ‘Adivasi’, meaning original or first people, and ‘Vanvasi’, or forest-dwellers, the term he said was preferred by the BJP.

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