Pro-Palestine protester breaks down on missing graduation

An Arizona State University (ASU) student, who took part in the pro-Palestine protests that swept universities in the United States, broke down after she learnt that she would miss her graduation on being suspended following her arrest. A video of Breanna Brocker in tears while narrating her ordeal to an ABC 15 journalist has gone viral.

Brocker’s suspension following her arrest during a campus protest prevents her from participating in the final graduation exams.

“I’m a little disappointed. I’m being restricted from a lot of things right now that I didn’t expect to be at first standing up for something that I believe in,” the emotional student said.

Around 72 students of Arizona State University have been arrested since protests erupted at colleges around the US over Israel’s war with Hamas and universities’ investments in companies involved with Israel.

Brocker said she was allowed to finish classes. “You know I have family coming in who I have to let them know not come to my graduation ceremonies,” she said while choking up.

However, the student said she would not stop taking part in such protests. “I was doing what I believed was right, and I still believe it to be right. I would stand up for the cause again, even if it means something negative for me,” she further said.

Brocker and the students who were arrested have been asked to stay away from the campus following their suspension. This prompted the students to file a lawsuit against Arizona State University.

The suspended students accused ASU of violating students’ free speech and retaliating against those who attended the protest.

However, a US district judge denied a motion to lift the suspension of 20 ASU students who were arrested, including Brocker.

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Abhishek De

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May 7, 2024

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