Prince Harry’s Royal Snub? He Skips Coronation Medal In Soldier Of The Year Award Video

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Prince Harry was banned from wearing his ceremonial military uniform because he is no longer a working royal. (@Emmanuelsblog1/X)

Prince Harry presents a Soldier of the Year award but skips wearing the Coronation Medal, sparking speculation of a snub to the Royal Family

Prince Harry leaving out the Coronation Medal in a video honouring a soldier has stirred rumours about a potential snub to the Royal Family. In the video shot at his Montecito home in California, the estranged UK royal presented an award to a soldier, showcasing his military gear and medals, including those for his service in Afghanistan.

However, notably absent was the Coronation Medal, which was a token of gratitude for contributions to King Charles’s coronation, The Sun newspaper reported. Royal expert Richard Fitzwilliams suggested the omission, on the part of the Duke of Sussex, could be seen as a deliberate move, especially considering Harry’s upcoming involvement in the Invictus Games service in Britain.

Britain’s Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, departs the Rolls Building of the High Court in London, Britain June 7, 2023. (Reuters/File Photo)

Speaking to The Sun, the Royal expert said: “This is unquestioned, but he’s always regarded the military as an extended family, and he’s said that from time to time. “He’s paid tribute to it. Invictus is one of the things he’s given back clearly, because it helps wounded service personnel. “I think that he believes that the military was a pivotal part in his life. So obviously, when appropriate, he wears his medals, and obviously this has been a subject of controversy before.”

According to Fitzwilliams, Harry’s choice to wear specific medals reflects his allegiance to the military, which he views as an extended family. Despite being banned from wearing ceremonial military uniforms due to his non-working royal status, Harry’s decision to don his medals underscores his pride in his military service, the royal expert said.

The absence of the Coronation Medal may be seen as a deviation from royal protocol and potentially a snub to King Charles, the newspaper said. “There are those who would comment that a lot of his past, he was brought up after all, to be a loyal member of the Royal family. He has not been in the last four years – because he and Megan have done a lot of damage to the royal family in their attacks,” Fitzwilliams said.

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