Prajwal Revanna to arrive on 15 May amid political slugfest

Responding to Leader of Opposition, R Ashoka’s demand for the government to vacate the seat of power if it is incapable of arresting Prajwal Revanna, Dy CM Shivakumar stated, “Ashoka is in a constitutional position. He was raising his voice in other issues and regarding this case he is not opening his mouth. He should take state BJP President, BY Vijayendra and others and meet the victims of the video scandal.”

“They should assure them of justice and give courage to them. Former PM Deve Gowda and former CM Kumaraswamy, who claim to have respect for women, should meet the victims by going to their homes. Why are they not doing so?” Dy CM Shivakumar questioned.

Karnataka chief minister Siddaramaiah has written to Prime Minister Narendra Modi urging him to cancel the diplomatic passport of Prajwal Revanna.

On Tuesday morning, the JD(S) suspended Prajwal Revanna after the Congress government in Karnataka formed the SIT to probe allegations of sexual abuse against him.

Prajwal Revanna on Wednesday commented for the first time on the issue saying, “Truth will prevail soon. I am not in Bengaluru to attend the inquiry. I have communicated to CID, Bengaluru through my advocate.”

In a social media post, Prajwal Revanna sought seven days to appear before the SIT.

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