PM Modi Gives Vacation Homework To Babus, Fires Up Ministers For 2024 Elections | Point Blank

As Prime Minister Narendra Modi immerses himself in campaigning ahead of the Lok Sabha elections, the Prime Minister has given a specific task to his bureaucrats. In a recent meeting, the PM told the top bureaucracy that while it was vacation for them as he fights the 2024 general elections, they have to prepare a strong agenda for the first 100 days of the Modi 3.0 government. PM Modi told all the secretaries present that he will be reviewing two ministries in a day when he comes back in May 2024. So, what will be the focus areas of Modi govt 3.0? Will the Prime Minister induct young blood in the cabinet & bureaucracy? Hindustan Times’ Executive Editor Shishir Gupta explores these issues in the latest episode of Point Blank.


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