PM Modi did not speak a word on Manipur, deliberately “turning his back” on state: Congress

The Congress on Wednesday, 3 July hit out at the government over its second MP from Manipur not having been allowed to speak before Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s address in Lok Sabha, saying the PM repeated his old allegations, cracked jokes and took jibes but did not have the patience to listen to the voice of the legislator from the violence-hit state.

The Opposition party also alleged that it seems the prime minister is deliberately “turning his back” to the plight of Manipur.

In his nearly 135-minute speech replying to the discussion on the Motion of Thanks on the President’s Address in the Lower House, Modi was faced with continuous slogan-shouting on the Manipur issue by opposition members.

Just ahead of the PM’s address, Leader of Opposition Rahul Gandhi and the Congress had demanded that its MP from outer Manipur, Alfred Arthur, be allowed to speak.

Addressing the media, Congress leader Gaurav Gogoi said, “We saw very sad scenes in the Lok Sabha. The Congress and Rahul Gandhi wanted both the MPs from Manipur to speak during the debate on the Motion of thanks to the President’s address. The demand was made by Gandhi repeatedly.”

Gandhi had gone to Manipur and saw the division in society that there is a civil war-like environment prevailing there. Gogol said.

Gandhi knew that if we allow one side to air its views and not the other it would send out a wrong message from Parliament to the people of Manipur, he said.

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