Pakistan defence minister accuses Imran of trying to cause mutiny in military

“They have realised now that in politics talks are the only way forward. We knew this before. Khan has handed over his party to lawyers and seeking negotiations but it’s too late for this,” he said and added a special session of the National Assembly might be held on 9 May in connection with the PTI’s attack on military installations in 2023.

He said the PTI leadership has ignored its workers who are languishing in jails in connection with the riots.

Imran Khan, 71, has been incarcerated in Rawalpindi’s Adiala jail since August last year after being sentenced in some cases. Khan is facing around 200 cases.

Khan this week wrote in The Telegraph alleging the military establishment, under the direct guidance of Gen Asim Munir, the chief of army staff, has tried every tactic to decimate his party’s presence in the political environment of Pakistan but failed.

“The oppression, torture and denial of our election symbol have been extensively documented, but nothing has worked for the military and the powerless civilian leadership acting as its puppets. Pakistan’s general elections on 8 February, 2024, showed the utter failure of their design,” he said.

Meanwhile, Khan has said that he is ready to hold talks but not to strike a “deal” with anyone who has stolen his party’s mandate in the 8 February general election.

Talking to journalists at the high-security Adiala jail in Rawalpindi on Friday, the 71-year-old Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf founder asserted that negotiations were held only with adversaries and therefore the talks should be held with those who were the biggest opponents of PTI at present, apparently a reference to the military establishment, the Dawn newspaper reported on Saturday.

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