Opposition walks out of Lok Sabha

Opposition members on Monday, 1 July demanded a separate one-day discussion on the NEET paper leak issue in the Lok Sabha and staged a walkout after they sought a clear assurance from the government on the issue.

Leader of Opposition Rahul Gandhi raised the issue of irregularities in NEET soon after the Lok Sabha assembled for the day, prompting Defence Minister Rajnath Singh to assert that a separate discussion cannot be held till the House finishes with the motion of thanks on the president’s address.

“We wanted a one day discussion on NEET. It is an important issue. More than two crore students have been affected. Paper leaks have happened on 70 occasions. We would be happy if you allow a separate discussion on the issue,” Gandhi said.

Singh, deputy leader of the Lok Sabha, said the House has certain rules and procedures and also on healthy tradition, which are a strength of this House

“In my decades-long tenure as a parliamentarian, never has any other issue been taken up during the motion of thanks on the president’s address. Other issues can be raised after passing the motion of thanks,” Singh said.

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