No notes, no audience in Biden-Trump first presidential debate: Five big facts

US President Joe Biden, a Democrat, and his predecessor, Republican Donald Trump, are set to engage in a crucial presidential debate at 9 pm Eastern Time on Thursday, June 27, in Atlanta, Georgia. This will be the first debate leading up to the presidential election on November 5. The 90-minute debate, hosted by CNN, will enforce strict speaking limits, prohibit notes, and take place without an audience to ensure no reactions.

US President Joe Biden has an opportunity to demonstrate to sceptical Americans that, at 81, he can handle the demands of another four-year term. Trump, known for making outlandish statements and often mangling his sentences on the campaign trail, also has the same opportunity to convince voters why he should be elected again after a gap of four years.

Both men face scrutiny regarding their age and stamina.

Here are 5 big things to know about first Biden-Trump presidential debate:

  • CNN’s Jake Tapper and Dana Bash will moderate the debate, ensuring a structured and civilised discussion. The debate will be held in CNN’s Atlanta studios without a live audience to maximise the allotted time. Each candidate’s microphone will be muted except when it’s their turn to speak.

  • The debate will last 90 minutes, including two commercial breaks, during which campaign staff cannot interact with the candidates. The candidates will not give opening statements and will have two minutes to answer questions, one minute for rebuttals, and flashing red lights will indicate when their time is about to expire.

  • CNN has not disclosed specific topics. Issues like border security, immigration, abortion rights, Trump’s felony conviction, Hunter Biden’s legal troubles, the economy, and concerns about the candidates’ age and health are expected to be discussed in the first Biden-Trump presidential debate.

  • Viewers can watch the first US presidential debate on CNN, with other networks like CBS also simulcasting it. For those without cable, it will be streamed online at and CBS News 24/7.

  • The next debate between Biden and Trump is scheduled for September 10, and will be hosted by ABC News. Additionally, a vice-presidential debate could take place on July 23 or August 13, with the Biden campaign already accepting CBS News’ invitation, reported CBS News.

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Girish Kumar Anshul

Published On:

Jun 27, 2024

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