No loud noise when iron rods fell on cars: Eyewitnesses at Delhi airport

There was no loud noise of anything breaking when the rods of a portion of a roof collapsed at the Delhi airport’s Terminal-1, a cab driver, who was at the site of the incident, said on Friday, 28 June.

He said that after the rods fell on the cars parked at the site, people became aware of the incident and chaos ensued with them shouting for help.

Amid heavy rainfall in Delhi on Friday, a canopy at the Terminal-1 departure area collapsed around 5 am, injuring six and killing one whose identity is yet to be ascertained. Besides the roof sheet, the support beams collapsed, damaging the cars parked in the pick-up and drop areas of the terminal.

There were fewer people and less traffic when the incident took place, another cab driver at the site said.

Several CRPF personnel on duty promptly alerted the local police deployed at the Indira Gandhi International (IGI) Airport and fire department, officials said.

“As the beams were very heavy, we asked the fire department to send earthmovers immediately. Fire tenders and their officials also reached the site at around 5.30 am with earthmover machines,” a police personnel, who was on duty at the time of the incident, said.

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