No effort is too little when it comes to cleaning up city’s air

Can air-filtering plants make a difference? The Railways’ previous collaboration with a Nashik-based firm, in setting up an air-filtering plant, using US’s National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) data on plants known for generating pure air could offer some relief, a report said in this paper. Railway officials confirmed the continued functionality of the ‘oxygen parlour’ at Nashik station, allowing commuters to breathe in cleaner air and purchase plants at a standard rate.

While there are experts that claim these plants have their limitations when it comes to large-scale pollution, it is heartening that the Railways has come up with this initiative.

If this indeed is beneficial maybe something similar could be tried in Mumbai, on our local Railways as it is evident that we now have to combat air pollution on an absolute war footing.

This can only be done when individuals, activists, NGOs, leaders and government bodies including infra and transport authorities all come together in this fight to breathe in the city. This is how basic this has become.

So, when an oxygen parlour gives at least some relief and is beneficial in some way, then, authorities can seriously think about emulating it in different parts of the State, and the country too. This can also show that we do not have to go to parks, etc., to see some green. Even our quotidian commutes can teach us a thing or two about clean air, energy and fighting pollution. It can demystify, and bring down the intimidation associated with going green and make it more accessible all. This can also go some way in inculcating an awareness about greening, making use of what we have.
We are all in this together and this is one way to show it.

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