New Zealand Youngest MP Hana Rawhiti Performs Maori Haka First Parliament Appearance Viral Video

Hana-Rawhiti Maipi-Clarke, New Zealand’s youngest MP in 170 years, performed the ‘Maori haka’ to honour her indigenous roots in Parliament. The video of the young New Zealand MP has been doing the rounds on social media as she delivered her first speech in Parliament, performing the ‘Maori haka’.

In her first speech delivered last month, she pledged her commitment to her constituents, saying, “I will die for you… but I will [also] live for you,” as quoted in a Hindustan Times report.

Hana-Rawhiti Maipi-Clarke also revisited segments of her Te Petihana anniversary speech, resonating once more amidst the new government’s intentions to restrict the use of the Treaty and te reo Māori in legislative matters, Hindustan Times reported, citing New Zealand Herald. She also addressed Maori children who have longed to learn their native tongue and requested that they embrace their uniqueness.

The New Zealand MP also recalled her earlier speech outside Parliament for Te Petihana’s 50th anniversary (which signifies ‘the petition’ where Māori groups advocated for national recognition and the revival of te reo Māori), Maipi-Clarke said, “I truly feel like I’ve already said my maiden speech outside the steps of Parliament last year,” as quoted by Hindustan Times.

“In only a couple of weeks, this government has attacked my whole world: health, taiao [environment], wai [water], whenua [land], natural resources, Māori wards, reo [language], tamariki, and the right of me and you to be in this country under Te Tiriti,” Clarke said.

She also conveyed a heartfelt message to her electorate, saying, “To Hauraki-Waikato, I am at your service in and outside of Parliament. I will die for you in these chambers, but I will live for you outside these four walls,” as quoted by Hindustan Times. “Never fit in. You are perfect. You are the perfect fit,” she added.

‘Maori Haka’ was a customary way to greet visiting tribes while also serving as a means to energise warriors before battle, the Hindustan Times reported, citing 100% Pure New Zealand. It was a show of physical strength.






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