New York Explosions Firefighters, Ambulances On Ground Amid Reports Of NYC Explosion

The New York City Fire Department jumped into action after reports of explosions on the Roosevelt Island in New York City, US. 

The explosions were heard around 6 AM (local time) on Tuesday on “580 Main Street, south of the Roosevelt Island Bridge & Tram”, reported US media website CBS New York. In a video posted by CBS New York, it was reported that the firefighters said that the “nature of the emergency is unclear”.

According to fire officials, panicked callers said a building was “shaking and a possible explosion”. No injury has been reported yet. However, US news channel ABC7 NY reported power outages on Roosevelt Island.

British media website The Independent cited a personal safety network ‘Citizen’ to report incidents of fires coming from manholes. However, no structural damage has been noticed in the buildings in the area.

New York City’s official emergency notification system warned of disruptions in traffic and mass transit systems near Roosevelt Island but did not reveal any details for the same.


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