New Investment Firm Terra Invest Aims to Tackle Global Challenges | World News

Terra Invest, a new investment firm with offices in the UAE and London, is adopting a novel approach to investment by integrating public policy and innovative capital structures into their strategy. This methodology aims to address global challenges through strategic investments.

The firm’s model incorporates policy considerations at every investment stage, promoting sustainable value creation and mitigating risks in rapidly evolving sectors like AI and blockchain. Terra Invest focuses on financial services, AI, healthcare, renewable energy, digital leisure, and infrastructure, bringing together experts from various fields to achieve its goals.

Supported by Mount Row Partners and other Asia-based family offices, Terra Invest has already completed transactions worth over USD 230 million. The firm plans to increase its assets under management (AUM) to USD 2.5 billion by 2025.

Ambassador Kirk Wagar, a founding partner, highlighted the importance of geopolitical awareness in the current investment climate. “Understanding macro and micro political changes is crucial for anticipating risks and making informed decisions to protect and enhance portfolios,” Wagar stated.

Ankiti Bose, another founding partner, emphasized the firm’s commitment to creating financial value and positive global impact. “Our unique approach ensures that our investments are financially sound, create value for our shareholders, and positively impact the world,” Bose said.

Terra Invest aims to leverage its understanding of geopolitical shifts and regulatory changes to make informed investment decisions that generate positive financial returns and contribute to an innovative world.

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