Japan Earthquake Tsunami Live Updates: All Tsunami Warnings Lifted

Earthquake in Japan: Japan was hit by a 7.6 magnitude earthquake on New Year’s Day.

A day after Japan was struck by a powerful earthquake of 7.6 magnitude, the country lifted all┬átsunami warnings and advisories put in place after a major quake on New Year’s Day, a meteorological agency official told AFP on Tuesday.

Small changes to tidal levels are still possible, the official said, a day after the strong jolt in central Japan triggered tsunami waves over a metre high.

Here are the LIVE updates on Japan Earthquake:

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Japan Earthquake: “Very ExtensiveDamage, Numerous Casualities”: Japan PM Fumio Kishida
“Very extensive damage has been confirmed, including numerous casualties, building collapses, and fires,” Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida told reporters, describing a “race against time” to rescue victims.

BREAKING: Japan Lifts All Tsunami Warnings
Japan has lifted all the tsunami warnings and advisories, a day after 5 metres high waves were believed to be reaching Noto in Ishikawa Prefecture.

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