Israeli Strike On Gaza School Shelter Kills 16; UN Report Highlights Concerning Figures | World News

On July 6, an Israeli airstrike targeted a school in Al-Nuseirat, central Gaza, resulting in the deaths of at least 16 displaced Palestinian civilians and injuring more than 50, according to the Palestinian health ministry. The Israeli military stated that the strike was aimed at militants allegedly using the area to plan and execute attacks. Hamas, however, denied the presence of its fighters in the school.

Al-Nuseirat, one of the Gaza Strip’s historic refugee camps, witnessed intensified Israeli bombardment. Earlier, an airstrike on a house in the camp killed at least 10 people and injured many others, as reported by local medics.

 Casualties And Impact

Since the onset of the conflict nearly nine months ago, more than 38,000 Palestinians have lost their lives, with the health ministry noting that the majority were civilians. In contrast, Israel has reported 323 soldier fatalities, asserting that at least one-third of the Palestinian dead were militants.

 Background of the Conflict

The ongoing conflict began after a Hamas-led assault on Israel on October 7, resulting in 1,200 Israeli deaths and over 250 hostages taken, according to Israeli sources. Israel’s military campaign aims to dismantle the militant Islamist group Hamas.

Humanitarian Crisis And Displacement

The United Nations humanitarian agencies report that 90% of Gazans have been displaced, many multiple times, exacerbated by continuous evacuations and severe security issues that hinder aid and fuel deliveries. The UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) stated that tens of thousands of residents in Gaza City were ordered to evacuate on Sunday and Monday, with instructions to move to shelters in Deir al Balah, as reported by Xinhua news agency. 

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