Israel sees hostage crisis ending shortly

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu has said the hostage crisis would be ending soon with a deal on the cards but rejected firmly the US vision for post-conflict Gaza thus defying their diktat for “no for reoccupying the Gaza”.

Netanyahu said on Sunday that a hostage deal with Hamas could be near but refused to divulge details to avoid what he called “derailing the delicate negotiations to free those taken captive during the militant attack on Israeli communities October 7”. 

“I think the less I say about it, the more I’ll increase the chances that it materializes,” he told NBC News‘ “Meet the Press”.

Netanyahu credited Israel’s military pressure for getting Hamas to discuss the release. 

“That’s the one thing that might create a deal,” he said. 

“We will talk about it when it’s there. We’ll announce it if it’s achievable.”

The hostage talks were drawing extensive and sometimes contradictory signals. 

A Biden administration official confirmed that a possible deal was round the corner involving the release of about 80 women and children in exchange for the release of Palestinian women and teenagers held by Israel, NBC News reported.

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