Israel says it plans to direct Palestinians out of Rafah

The Israeli military said on Wednesday it plans to direct a significant portion of the 1.4 million displaced Palestinians living in the Gaza Strip’s southernmost town of Rafah toward “humanitarian islands” in the centre of the territory ahead of its offensive.

The fate of the people in Rafah has been a major area of concern of Israel’s allies—including the US—and humanitarian groups, worried an offensive in the region densely crowded with so many displaced people would be a catastrophe. Rafah is also Gaza’s main entry point for aid. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said a Rafah offensive is crucial to achieve Israel’s stated aim of destroying Hamas.

Activists and families of Israeli hostages held in Gaza blocking the Ayalon Highway in Tel Aviv. Pic/AP

Israel’s chief military spokesman, Rear Adm. Daniel Hagari, said moving those in Rafah to the designated areas, which would be done “in coordination with international actors”, was a key part of the military’s preparations for its anticipated invasion of Rafah, where Israel says Hamas maintains four battalions it wants to destroy.

Despair deepens for families of hostages being held in Gaza

Jerusalem” A brother contemplated suicide. A sister stopped going to school. A father barely speaks. With each passing day, the relatives of hostages in Gaza face despair. Their hopes were raised that a cease-fire deal was near to bring some of their loved ones home by the start of Ramadan, the Muslim holy month that began Monday. But that informal deadline passed without any agreement. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s promise of “total victory” in the war against Hamas now rings hollow for many hostages’ families after five emotionally draining months.

Israel in talks for post-war Gaza govt

Israel is holding talks with representatives of the Palestinian Authority and Fatah for the distribution of aid in the Gaza Strip and “semi-official” discussions on running post-war Gaza after the war.
The move represents a marked shift in Israeli policy. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu previously vowed to not allow the PA to have a role in administering post-war Gaza.

Senior Hamas terrorist killed in Gaza

The IDF (Israel Defense Forces) confirmed that Muhammad Abu Hasna, a Hamas terrorist in the operations department of the Rafah area in Gaza, was killed in an air strike. The IDF said his killing “significantly harms the functioning of various Hamas units in Rafah.” Hasna was involved in the extensive activity of the various Hamas units. He was in contact with Hamas terrorists in the field and activated them.

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