Indian-Origin Man Shot Dead By US Police In San Antonio After Striking Officers With Vehicle | World News

Sachin Sahoo, a 42-year-old Indian man, was shot and killed by police in San Antonio after striking two officers with his vehicle while they were attempting to apprehend him in connection with an aggravated assault case. Sahoo was pronounced dead at the scene after police officer Tyler Turner shot him. Sahoo, originally from Uttar Pradesh, India, may have been a naturalised US citizen. The incident occurred just before 6:30 pm on April 21, when officers were dispatched to a home in Cheviot Heights in San Antonio for a report about Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon, according to a statement from the San Antonio Police Department.

When officers arrived, they discovered a 51-year-old female who had been intentionally struck by a vehicle. The suspect, Sahoo, had fled the scene. The victim was taken to a local hospital in critical condition. Detectives from San Antonio Police Department issued a felony arrest warrant for Sahoo in connection with that incident.

Several hours later, neighbours called the police to report that Sahoo had returned to his original location. Officers arrived and attempted to contact him, but he struck two officers with his vehicle. One officer fired his weapon, hitting Sahoo, who was “pronounced deceased on the scene.” One officer was transported to a local hospital for treatment of his injuries, while the other was treated on the scene. No one else was injured in the incident.

Police said the investigation is still ongoing. Police Chief Bill McManus stated that Sahoo ran over his flatmate with his vehicle. The woman was in critical condition after having several surgeries. The police had issued an arrest warrant for Sahoo, and on April 21, two officers went to his known location to see if they could find and arrest him.

“They found him, and he jumped into his car. He pulled out of his driveway, and the police officers blocked him with their vehicles, but he was able to squeeze through. Sahoo struck the officers with his vehicle. “The other officer that was with him fired to stop him and struck him,” McManus went on to say.

He stated that the police have yet to review the bodycam footage to determine additional facts. According to a report on, Sahoo’s ex-wife Leah Goldstein said he had bipolar disorder. “He had bipolar disorder for the past ten years,” Goldstein explained.

“He also had symptoms of schizophrenia.” “He couldn’t understand what was wrong with him,” she stated in the news report. “He’d hear voices. And hallucinate, hear voices, and get lost in his own thoughts.” Goldstein described Sahoo as a wonderful father. “I was a stay-at-home mom for many years,” she explained. “He provided for us.”


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