India US 2+2 Ministerial Dialogue Antony Blinken Us Envoy Eric Garcetti Safeguard Free, Inclusive Indo-Pacific Through QUAD

US Ambassador to India, Eric Garcetti on Monday said the India-US 2+2 Ministerial dialogue focused on bolstering the already growing defence ties between the two democracies. He said both countries discussed ways to deepen the partnerships in science and technology for the global good that connects and protects them. Focusing on the development of artificial intelligence, he said: America and India should deepen their Artificial Intelligence conversation.”

Garcetti said the joint statement reflects the commitment of India and the US to safeguard a free, open and inclusive Indo-Pacific through the QUAD and other metrics.

He said India-US collaboration in emerging domains is important they also focus on the operational level of their militaries apart from weapons. 

“We made important steps toward strengthening our major defence partnership which continues to grow, increasing the acceleration that we’ve seen through initiatives like the roadmap of US-India in industrial cooperation and defence,” Garcetti said, as quoted by ANI.

 “India-US collaboration and cooperation in emerging domains, and also more importantly, because we sometimes just focus on weapons and what’s being sold, or potentially co-developed, but the operational level of our militaries, which I think is as critical as any equipment, and our countries discuss ways to deepen our science and our technology partnerships to harness technology with the global good instead of technology that harms us than divides us, technology that can connect us and protect us,” he added.

Speaking on the joint statement after the 2+2 ministerial dialogue, the US ambassador said it reflects the resolve of both countries to promote resilient rules-based international order “to safeguard free open and inclusive Indo-Pacific through the QUAD and other metrics, global issues. “

“Ministers discussed the tragic humanitarian consequences of the conflict in Ukraine and the Middle East, reiterating their stance with Israel against terrorism, but also seeking to alleviate civilian suffering and adherence to international humanitarian law,” he added.

Talking about the investments, Garcetti says that they are looking forward to welcoming more visitors in December, and around January for major investments in Indian technology by US private sector companies as well. “As Government to Government conversations, expanding round space, defence, production well,” he added.

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