India Sends Holy Sarayu Water To Sri Lanka

New Delhi: India has commenced the process of sending sacred water from the Sarayu River to Sri Lanka for the consecration ceremony of the Seetha Amma Temple, dedicated to Goddess Sita. The ceremony is scheduled to take place on May 19th, marking an important milestone in the temple’s history.

Following a request from Sri Lanka’s representatives to the Uttar Pradesh government, urging for the sacred Sarayu river water for religious ceremonies and the consecration of Goddess Sita’s idol at the temple, the decision to send the holy water was made, reported news agency ANI.

Acting upon the directive of the Uttar Pradesh government, the Tourism Department has been tasked with the responsibility of transporting the sacred water to Sri Lanka for the auspicious occasion. The Ram Temple Trust hailed India’s Gesture of Sending Sarayu River Water to Sri Lanka, Enhancing Bilateral Relations and Cultural Bonds.

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CEO of Ayodhya Teerth Vikas Parishad, Santosh Kumar Sharma, said, “A Seetha Amma Temple is being constructed in Sri Lanka. The representative of the temple has asked for the Sarayu River water from the UP government. We will provide the sacred water in a Kalash. The rituals will be held on May 19”.

The upcoming ceremony at the Seetha Amma Temple holds significant meaning as it aims to strengthen the spiritual and cultural ties between India and Sri Lanka, symbolising the enduring bond between the two nations.

Mahant Shashikant Das praised the efforts of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, saying that the “Seetha Amma Temple in Sri Lanka will be a matter of pride for all the ‘Sanatanis’. It is a matter of pride for all Sanatanis. Goddess Sita has faced many difficulties in Lanka and today, a grand temple is being constructed in the same Lanka.”

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