IDF Strike Kills Hezbollah Missile Squad | Yemeni Army Simulates Attack On Israeli Command Centres

The IDF said it struck and killed a Hezbollah anti-tank missile squad in southern Lebanon’s Chebaa. Hamas said it also wants “relief for our people, the return of the displaced, and reconstruction.” Netanyahu’s handling of the war has led the US to explore what can be done to force the collapse of his government, as per an unconfirmed US news report. The Hamas operative who killed Israeli soldier Maj (res) Amishar Ben David was killed in an airstrike, the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) claimed. Yemeni Armed Forces simulated attacks on Israeli military command centres and illegal settlements in Palestinian territories during a military exercise. A spokesman for Gaza’s Civil Defence criticised the move by several countries to airdrop aid over people in the Gaza Strip. Protesters denounced the presence of Israeli President Isaac Herzog at the opening of the National Holocaust Museum in Amsterdam. Watch the video to find out more.

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