Humza Yousaf, Pakistani-Origin Scottish First Minister, Resigns Ahead Of Confidence Vote | World News

After days of political turmoil that saw the ruling Scottish National Party plunge into a minority government, its Pakistani-origin leader Humza Yousaf resigned on April 29, over a year after he assumed power. Yousaf resigned as the First Minister of Scotland. In Scotland, the First Minister is the head of the government. The 39-year-old leader became Scotland’s first Muslim and youngest First Minister of the country in March last year after sealing a power-sharing deal with the Scottish Green Party.

However, due to growing policy differences, the SNP had to sever its ties with the SGP. The SGP has already supported Opposition parties including Conservatives, Labour and Liberal Democrat to back two non-confidence motions – one in Yousaf’s leadership of Scotland and the second regarding the Scottish government led by the SNP.

Aware of the minority government status of the SNP due to the withdrawal of the SGP, Yousaf resigned ahead of the trust vote. However, Yousaf said that it’s possible for him to route through the motion of no confidence, he was not willing to trade his values and principles for retaining power. 

“I am sad that my time as First Minister is ending, but I am so grateful, I am so blessed, for having the opportunity that is afforded to so few to lead my country and who could ask for a better country to lead than Scotland,” said Yousaf in his speech at Bute House in Edinburgh.

Yousaf’s father is from Pakistan while his mother is from Kenya. As per reports, Yousaf will remain in his post until a replacement First Minister is chosen in the Scottish Parliament, Holyrood.

The Opposition parties welcomed his resignation, with the Scottish Tories saying Yousaf had averted a ‘humiliating defeat’ at a vote of no confidence later this week and the Labour Party demanding a UK-wide general election soon for a ‘fresh start’ across the country. 

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