Huge Protests In Pakistan-Occupied Kashmir, Cops Fire AK-47s

A policeman fires in the air to control protesters in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir

New Delhi:

The Pakistani government is carrying out a massive crackdown on residents in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir, or PoK.

Reports from the troubled areas say the Pakistani authorities have been attacking civilians who have been protesting against heavy taxation, high inflation, and electricity shortage.

Repression in PoK is not new. The latest crackdown started when numerous protesters took out a march today. The Pakistan Rangers and the local police responded with firing tear gas, pellets, and bullets in the air.

Two protesters have died in the attack by the police and the paramilitary.

The march began as a peaceful protest, but when the forces responded with firing in the air and other potentially lethal means, the civilians turned on the police and a clash broke out.

Visuals of the clashes show policemen firing AK-47s in the air and even towards the crowds.

Students and women were seen crying in hospitals.

Sources said electricity generated in PoK areas have been diverted to other bigger cities of Pakistan, angering the locals.

The country is going through a massive funds crunch. It has been seeking funds from global agencies like the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank.

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