How Netanyahu’s plan to divide Palestinians using Hamas backfired

When it comes to the Israeli–Palestinian conflict, the approach taken by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been to reverently uphold the status quo.

Despite his famous Bar-Ilan speech in 2009, in which he agreed in principle to the establishment of a Palestinian state, Netanyahu’s actions have shown that he, and indeed, his governments, are more interested in perpetuating the inner-Palestinian conflict between Hamas and the Palestine Liberation Organization — even at the price of keeping Hamas alive.

According to the right wing-conservative website Mida, Netanyahu told his Likud party in 2019 that allowing Qatari money to reach Hamas was key to preventing a Palestinian state.

“It’s part of our strategy: to create a separation between the Palestinians in Gaza and in the West Bank,” he said.

Over the years, large parts of Israeli society were rather indifferent to the prime minister’s approach. In post-October 7 Israel, however, the situation has changed.

Different solutions needed

One of the most repeated phrases in Israel after the horrors of the October 7 Hamas terror attacks is ‘shinui konsepzia’, meaning ‘conception change’. People expect solutions that differ from those offered to them up until October 6 from both sides of Israel’s political divide.

And Netanyahu has failed to offer any such solutions so far.

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