Hemant Soren accuses Raj Bhavan and central agencies of conspiracy in Jharkhand

The former chief minister said, “These people may put me behind bars, but my party is not going to accept defeat. They do not know that this is Jharkhand, and countless tribals here have always fought against exploitation and atrocities. These are the people who are conspiring against us and have not worn the Gandhi cap till date.”

Without directly criticising the Union government, Soren said, “Associates and friends of the Central government siphoned off Rs 12 to 14 lakh crore and have flown down to foreign countries, but these people (Centre) could take no action against their friends.

“I will not shed tears, because tears have no value for you. When the time comes, I will offer a befitting reply to each of their questions and conspiracies,” Soren added.

Alleging misuse of central probe agencies and departments like the Enforcement Directorate, Central Bureau of Investigations, Income Tax, etc, the former chief minister said, “They never want anyone from the tribal community to complete a five-year term as chief minister of Jharkhand. Forget me, even in their own party, these people did not allow any tribal chief minister to complete a five-year term.”

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