Hamas Sends Delegation To Cairo For Gaza Ceasefire Talks Amid Escalating Middle East Crisis

New Delhi: Hamas announced on Friday it was sending a delegation to Cairo for discussions on a potential truce and the release of hostages in Gaza, as reported by Reuters. This development coincides with the arrival of US CIA director William Burns in the Egyptian capital.

According to an Egyptian security source cited by The Guardian, Hamas officials and representatives from the CIA are expected to engage with Egyptian mediators on Saturday, although it remains uncertain whether the discussions will be held separately or in joint sessions. Hamas expressed a positive disposition as its delegates head to Cairo, indicating a readiness to engage in discussions on a potential truce, reported The Guardian.

“We are determined to secure an agreement in a way that fulfils Palestinians’ demands,” the Palestinian militant group said in a statement.

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A US official expressed cautious optimism, indicating some progress in the ongoing talks but awaiting further developments. Secretary of State Antony Blinken highlighted Hamas as the primary obstacle to a ceasefire in Gaza, as the militant group prepared to send a delegation back to Cairo for further negotiations on Saturday.

“We wait to see whether, in effect, they can take yes for an answer on the ceasefire and release of hostages,” Blinken said late Friday.

“The reality in this moment is the only thing standing between the people of Gaza and a ceasefire is Hamas.”

Egypt Tried To Revive Negotiations

Ceasefire negotiations between Israel and Hamas have persisted for months, yet a definitive breakthrough remains elusive. Israel’s stance on eliminating Hamas contrasts sharply with Hamas’s demand for a permanent ceasefire and complete Israeli withdrawal from Gaza. 

Egypt made a renewed push to revive negotiations late last month. Cairo is alarmed by the prospect of an Israeli ground operation against Hamas in Rafah in southern Gaza, where more than one million people have taken shelter near the border with Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula, reported The Guardian.

Egyptian sources say both sides have made some concessions recently, leading to progress in the talks, though Israel has continued to say an operation in Rafah is imminent.

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