Governor concludes policy address in less than two minutes

Continuing his standoff with the Left Front government in Kerala, governor Arif Mohammed Khan on Thursday cut short his 61-page policy address ahead of the state budget session of the Assembly, wrapping it up in 1.50 seconds.

After reading out the first paragraph, the governor jumped to the last paragraph of the policy address, before winding up the speech. This was one of the shortest policy addresses of a governor in the Kerala Assembly.

This was the closest Khan could do to refuse reading the policy address, during which he would have had to say “my government” on multiple occasions.

According to information, the governor did not even address members of the Assembly before he began reading the policy. Chief minister Pinarayi Vijayan and speaker AN Shamseer escorted the governor out of the Assembly less than two minutes after they had walked in with him.

“Let us remember that our greatest legacy lies not in buildings or monuments, but in the respect and regard we show to the priceless legacy of the Constitution of India and the timeless values of democracy, secularism, federalism and social justice.

“The essence of cooperative federalism is what has kept our country united and strong all these years. It is our bounden duty to ensure that this essence is not diluted. Together, as part of this varied and beautiful nation, we will weave the tapestry of inclusive growth and responsible resilience, overcoming all the challenges that are thrown our way,” read Khan.

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