Gaza’s Two Largest Hospitals Shut Amid Escalating Israeli Raids Against Hamas, Netanyahu Rejects Ceasefire Calls Again | World News

TEL AVIV: In the heart of the ongoing conflict in Gaza, the two largest hospitals, Al-Shifa and Al-Quds, are now non-operational, amplifying the humanitarian crisis in the region. International media reports said that nonstop Israeli raids have forced Al-Shifa and Al-Quds, the primary healthcare lifelines for Gazans, to shut their doors. Al-Shifa Hospital, in particular, is under siege, with Israeli snipers targeting anyone in proximity, effectively trapping thousands inside.

WHO Director-General’s Grim Warning

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director-General of the World Health Organization (WHO), paints a dire picture, emphasizing a “perilous” situation in Gaza’s hospitals. Tragically, more patients, including premature babies, are succumbing to the worsening conditions. “Constant gunfire and bombings have exacerbated the critical circumstances, rendering Al-Shifa not functional as a hospital anymore,” warns Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.

As the crisis unfolds, the Israeli military asserts its readiness to evacuate vulnerable newborns from Al-Shifa to another hospital. However, Dr Marwan Abu Saada, Al-Shifa’s head of surgery, discloses that a third premature newborn has already perished due to a lack of power. “I’m afraid we are going to lose the lives of all these babies,” expresses Dr. Abu Saada.

Israeli President Isaac Herzog claims that Hamas has its headquarters beneath Al-Shifa, an accusation strongly denied by Hamas. Dr. Abu Saada challenges this as a “big lie” and extends an “open invitation” for inspection by Israeli forces.

Hamas-Run Health Ministry’s Update

Gaza’s Hamas-run health ministry reports over 2,300 individuals still inside Al-Shifa, including inpatients, health workers, and displaced people seeking shelter. The lack of essential resources—power, water, and food—puts lives at immediate risk, urging a plea for an “immediate ceasefire” and the “active protection of civilians and healthcare.”

Mounting Death Toll And International Response

The death toll in Gaza has climbed to a staggering 11,180, with children and women among the tragic victims. The World Health Organization echoes calls for an immediate ceasefire as the international community grapples with the escalating crisis.

Netanyahu Rejects Ceasefire Calls Again

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has rejected calls for a ceasefire until all hostages captured by Hamas are released. The Israeli PM contends that Israel attempted to deliver fuel to Al-Shifa hospital but was refused. Netanyahu states, “Every civilian death, every dead baby is a tragedy,” emphasizing Israel’s purported commitment to civilian well-being.

As the conflict persists, the world watches with growing concern, urging diplomatic interventions and humanitarian efforts to alleviate the suffering of the people caught in the crossfire.

Meanwhile, hundreds continue to evacuate through the Rafah crossing: At least 826 foreign nationals have evacuated Gaza through the Rafah crossing on Sunday, an Egyptian border official said, marking the largest number to leave Gaza in a single day since the war broke out. At least nine wounded Palestinians also crossed into Egypt, a government official said. Rafah is the only crossing open during Israel’s siege on the enclave, making it key to regional efforts to get aid in and people out.

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