From Bihar To British Parliament: Kanishka Narayan Wins General Elections From UK PM’s Party | India News

Kanishka Narayan, the Labour Party candidate of Indian origin who clinched victory in the UK general elections from Wales, traces his roots back to Muzaffarpur in Bihar. 

Jayant Kumar, director of SKJ Law College and uncle of Kanishka, expressed immense pride in his nephew’s achievement, emphasising that Kanishka has not only brought honor to Muzaffarpur but to the entire nation. 

“Kanishka is my younger brother’s son. He resigned from his job to pursue his political ambitions,” Jayant Kumar shared. Kanishka, 33, was born in Muzaffarpur and completed his early education there before joining the civil services. 

Recently, Kanishka returned to India with his family to participate in a religious event. Following his electoral triumph, festivities erupted at his residence in Sandho Apartment, Damuchak, Muzaffarpur. 

“We are receiving an outpouring of congratulations from friends and family. Kanishka remains a proud Bihari and an Indian first,” added Jayant Kumar. 

Originally from Saundho in Vaishali district, Kanishka’s grandparents, Krishna Kumar and Veena Devi, settled in Muzaffarpur decades ago. Krishna Kumar was the chairman of Muzaffarpur District Board and the founder of SKJ Law College. 

Kanishka’s parents, Santosh Kumar and Chetna Sinha, moved to Delhi after completing their studies at SKJ Law College. Kanishka briefly attended APJ School in Delhi’s Saket before relocating to Britain at the age of 12 with his parents. He pursued higher education at Eton Oxford, an alma mater shared with India’s first Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru. 

On Friday, Keir Starmer assumed office as the United Kingdom’s new Prime Minister following a decisive electoral triumph by the Labour Party. Voters, expressing a clear sentiment, delivered what was described as a “sobering verdict” on the Conservative leadership under Rishi Sunak. The Labour Party now holds 412 seats in the 650-member House of Commons, while the Conservatives, led by Sunak, secured only 121 seats. 

(Based on inputs from ANI)

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