ECR suspends issuing of T/A 912

On the 17 June accident, the Railway Board had said the goods train driver should have maintained a 10 kmph speed after stopping for one minute at each defective signal, the loco unions contradicted it.

Working president of the Indian Railway Loco Runningmen Organisation (IRLRO), Sanjay Pandhi, had said, “T/A 912 is issued to suspend the provisions of G&SR 9.02 which mandates the driver to maintain 10 kmph speed. T/A 912 is issued when all lines between two stations are clear and it authorises the driver to move at the normal applicable speed limit in that section.”

The applicable normal speed of any train, also known as the booked speed, is anything up to 130 kmph.

On the ECR circular, Pandhi said, “This ECR letter clearly shows that T/A 912 gives authority to the driver to proceed at the normal speed. They have suspended it so G&SR 9.02 will be followed now.”

He also said the issuing of directions and their withdrawal within various railway zones and divisions, shows that the senior railway ministry officials need to sit and decide among themselves what rules they want to convey.

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