Deadly Rochester Crash Being Probed As ‘Domestic Terrorism’ As Suspect Allegedly Left Suicide Note: Sources | World News

NEW YORK: The fatal car crash outside a New Year’s concert in Rochester, New York, is now under investigation as an act of ”domestic terrorism.” Sources reveal that the suspect, Michael Avery from Syracuse, allegedly left a suicide note and journal in his hotel room, adding a sinister layer to the tragic incident.

Two Vehicles Crash, Leaving Death And Destruction

The FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force has taken charge of the investigation after two vehicles, one loaded with gas canisters, crashed into the crowd outside the Kodak Center, resulting in the death of two individuals and injuring five others. Rochester Police Chief David Smith reported that the force of the crash sent both vehicles careening into pedestrians on a crosswalk outside the venue, creating chaos and devastation.

What’s Domestic Terrorism?

The FBI defines domestic terrorism as acts that endanger human life, violate US or state laws, and appear to intimidate or coerce civilians. As investigators delve into the motives behind the crash, the suspect’s family, interviewed by authorities, reveals concerns about his mental health, suggesting a possible bipolar condition that was never formally diagnosed.

President Biden Briefed 

President Joe Biden has been briefed on the incident, underlining the severity of the situation. The crash, which ignited a fire, required nearly an hour for firefighters to extinguish. Upon containment, responders discovered a significant number of gasoline canisters in and around the crashed vehicle, elevating the danger and prompting the involvement of the Rochester police department bomb squad and the joint arson task force.

What Led To The Crash?

The exact circumstances leading to the crash remain unclear, raising more questions about the presence of the gasoline canisters at the scene. Collaboration between local and federal agencies, including the FBI’s Buffalo office, is underway to unravel the complexities of this tragic incident.

Community Response, Call For Patience

Rochester Mayor Malik Evans, during a news conference, urged patience as the investigation unfolds. He requested anyone with information about the incident to come forward, emphasizing the importance of every detail. Expressing condolences to the affected families, he highlighted the profound impact on those who lost their lives and the community as a whole.

Musical Celebration Turns Into Mourning

The rock band moe., which was performing at the venue before the crash, shared their “profound shock and sadness” on Facebook. They expressed deep sympathy for the families of the deceased and thoughts for the injured, turning what was meant to be a night of celebration into an incomprehensible tragedy.

As the community grapples with the aftermath, authorities are determined to uncover the motives behind this devastating incident, treating it with the utmost seriousness as they navigate the complexities of a potential act of domestic terrorism.

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