Days after Sikh man, son shot dead in Canada, cops release video of suspects

After the killing of an Indian-origin man and his son in Canada’s Edmonton last week, the police on Monday released a video of the suspects and their vehicle on social media in hopes of getting additional information on the incident.

On November 9, an Indian-origin Sikh man, described as a “higher-level figure” in the organised crime scene in Canada, and his 11-year-old son were shot dead near a gas station in Edmonton. The police have called it a “sick and twisted” escalation of gang violence in the city.

In a press release, the police said that they hoped the video will help someone recall seeing the vehicle or suspects before or after the shooting.

“Sometimes a seemingly insignificant detail can be immensely helpful to our investigation,” the police said.

According to the police, the suspects arrived in a black BMW SUV. The two then exited their vehicle, ran towards Harpreet Singh Uppal’s white SUV, fired a weapon and fled the scene.

The police had earlier mentioned that Uppal was a “higher-level figure” in Edmonton’s organised crime scene but declined to say if he was affiliated with any specific groups, according to a report by the Edmonton Journal.

However, sources have told Postmedia that Uppal was a prominent Brothers Keepers associate. His murder is believed to be part of a war between the United Nations gang and the BK.

The boy’s young friend, who was in Uppal’s car at the time, survived with no physical injuries.

A senior police official said that the police do not know whether the shooter or shooters knew children were in the car when they began following Uppal.

“But what we do know, sadly, is that once the shooter or the shooters learned that the son was there, they intentionally shot and killed him,” the Edmonton Journal quoted the police official as saying.

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Nov 13, 2023

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