Could China’s Growing Nuclear Arsenal Become A Concern For Other Countries? | World News

SOLNA: The Chinese nuclear arsenal has increased from 410 warheads to 500 warheads within a year, claimed The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) in its 55th yearbook 2024. SIPRI, an independent international institute dedicated to research into conflict, armaments, arms control, and disarmament in its report stated that “the estimated size of China’s nuclear arsenal increased from 410 warheads in January 2023 to 500 in January 2024, and it is expected to keep growing.”

It further mentioned that for the first time, China may also now be deploying a small number of warheads on missiles during peacetime. Depending on how it decides to structure its forces, China could potentially have at least as many intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) as either Russia or the USA by the turn of the decade.

‘China is expanding its nuclear arsenal faster than any other country, but in nearly all of the nuclear-armed states there are either plans or a significant push to increase nuclear forces.” stated, Associate Senior Fellow with SIPRI, Hans M. Kristensen.

China is likely to have a significantly smaller total nuclear weapons arsenal than either the United States or Russia, but due to its rapid deployment, it may eventually catch up to them in terms of active armament in the years to come, according to SIPRI.

According to SIPRI, there are over 2,100 nuclear missiles that are thought to be in use and under control at any given time, practically all of which are possessed by the United States or Russia.

China is increasing its weapons at a time when tensions across the world are rising due to the hostilities in Taiwan and the ongoing wars in Gaza and Ukraine. China has been holding more military exercises close to Taiwan in the past year, which some observers interpret as preparation for an invasion of the disputed territory, The Hill reported.

According to SIPRI, the majority of nations are expanding or modernising their stockpiles at thesame time as the nuclear buildup. According to the institute, Israel, which does not formally recognise that it possesses nuclear weapons, is said to have moved to modernise its stockpile, while North Korea, France, and India have taken steps to increase their armaments in the past year. 

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