Congress complains to EC against BJP’s advertisement campaign

“The Congress Party lodged a complaint against the BJP’s malicious attempts to link the Congress campaign to George Soros,” Ramesh said.

“This complaint covers other examples of false propaganda that target the INC as well. Not only are these materials patently false, they are also mala fide and knowingly defamatory. The ECI was requested to take immediate action against the authors of this low-level campaign, as well as issue instructions for its recall,” he said in a post on X.

The opposition party has also complained against the alleged violation of the model code of conduct for elections in Andhra Pradesh, where assembly and Lok Sabha polls are held together. It claimed posters and advertisements of state schemes were still bearing the photos of the state chief minister.

The Congress submitted its position that no welfare beneficiaries should be denied their benefits during the course of the election in the state of Andhra Pradesh, a position which the Election Commission appreciated, he said.

“In violation of the Model Code of Conduct, state scheme advertisements in Andhra Pradesh still bore the photograph of the Chief Minister until recently. The Congress had demanded an immediate stop to this practice, and the Election Commission acted on it, ordering the withdrawal of all posters. It requested the Congress Party to notify it of any remaining posters in the state,” Ramesh said.

He said the Congress Party sought a clarification on the expenditure allocation and division between the candidate and the party for expenses on campaign materials.

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