Coastal Road can’t be one more reason for indiscipline

There is excitement and anticipation ahead of the inauguration of the Coastal Road project. Several citizens are still befuddled as to where the entrance and exits will be. Some have said that they will just see when the road opens.

What is important though is that authorities need to have all signage in place as that is paramount to avoid confusion. Clarity equals safety. Visible signage, clear communication and good synchronisation between all departments responsible for which arm of the bridge opens are vital for a smooth ride.

Having said that, the traffic police have stated that once the Coastal Road arm opens for regular use, we must maintain absolute traffic discipline.

It is strictly forbidden to stop vehicles and click pictures or take videos on the said route. Legal action will be taken if such action is found by motorists the notification issued by the police said. This should be adhered to, as this was a problem on the Atal Setu. Along with all the excitement that the new bridge garnered, it unfortunately also became a selfie/picnic spot, putting others on the bridge at considerable risk, and the police were forced to issue statements that any action will lead to legal action.

While there is an infra explosion all over the city, we also witness traffic discipline deteriorating. Breaking signals has become routine for two-wheelers, putting pedestrians at great peril.

They also often come in the wrong way. Bollards have sprouted on our pavements to stop small vehicles, especially bikes from accessing them. As our commuting options seem to increase, we need to respect that and demonstrate more road discipline, not go in the exact opposite direction.

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