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Nagaland Business Body Calls For Indefinite Shutdown Of Commercial Establishments

The Dimapur Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI) has announced plans for an indefinite shutdown of all shops and business establishments in Dimapur district, Nagaland, starting Friday, in response to ongoing “illegal taxation” by Naga underground groups. Dimapur, serving as the commercial nucleus of Nagaland, finds itself at the epicentre of this economic turmoil.

Expressing frustration over the persistent imposition of multiple taxes, intimidation tactics, and summons by the Naga Political Groups (NPGs), the DCCI emphasised that the shutdown will persist until the grievances of the business community are adequately addressed. The chamber called upon the state government and law enforcement agencies to promptly intervene and safeguard the interests of local businesses to prevent further escalation of tensions.

Furthermore, the DCCI appealed to civil society organisations and the public to endure the inconveniences resulting from the impending shutdown and to extend their support for the collective welfare of all citizens.

Highlighting the nefarious tactics employed by some NPGs, the DCCI cited instances of groups deploying their own Maximum Retail Price (MRP) sticker machines in shops to implicate owners, as well as planting illicit substances to besmirch the reputation of businesses and subject them to exorbitant fines.

The repercussions of this pervasive taxation have prompted numerous business entities to relocate to neighbouring Assam, where the cost of goods and materials purportedly remains more affordable, the DCCI asserted.

Schools, Factories In Noida To Remain Closed Today

Officials have announced the closure of schools and colleges in Gautam Buddh Nagar on Friday due to the Lok Sabha election in the constituency, with operations set to resume on Saturday, according to reports. Additionally, factories and industries have been instructed to grant paid leave to employees on Friday to facilitate their participation in the electoral process.

Gautam Buddh Nagar, encompassing Noida and Greater Noida, is slated for polling on April 26, boasting a significant electorate of 26.75 lakh registered voters.

District Magistrate Manish Kumar Verma confirmed the closure of educational institutions on Friday while assuring that they would reopen and function as usual on Saturday. Verma emphasized the importance of granting paid leave to workers in factories and industries to ensure their ability to cast their votes. This decision stems from concerns that some workers may be unable to participate in voting due to work obligations.

Furthermore, Verma, who also serves as the district election officer, urged residents’ welfare associations (RWAs) and apartment owners’ associations (AOAs) to actively engage in the electoral process, underscoring the significance of their participation in the “festival of democracy.”

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