Brazilian Singer Dani Li, 42, Dies After Complications During Liposuction Surgery

Ms Li, whose real name is Danielle Fonseca Machado, died on Wednesday.

Brazilian pop star Dani Li tragically died aged 42 after complications during a liposuction surgery, the Metro reported. The singer, widely known in Brazil and who took part in talent shows in her hometown as a child, had an operation on Friday. It is understood that she went in for liposuction on her belly and back, as well as breast reduction. Unfortunately during the procedure in Brazil, she suffered complications and had to be rushed to a hospital. Ms Li, whose real name is Danielle Fonseca Machado, died on Wednesday.

“We are very shaken by all this. The burial will be on Saturday,” her husband, Marcelo Mira, with whom she shares a 7-year-old daughter, told local media, as per the Metro. Following her death, the family also shared on her Instagram account that a ceremony will take place at a larger venue for those who wish to pay their condolences and say goodbye “to our star”.

The 42-year-old became widely known in Brazil after her hit song ‘Eu sou da Amazonia’ (I’m from the Amazon). She was born in Afua in the Amazon jungle and began singing when she was 5 years old. After taking part in talent shows in her hometown, she moved to Macapa when she was 17. Her last song was released just two months ago.

Ms Li’s cause of death has yet to be confirmed as it’s not clear what led to the medical complication. An investigation into her death is reported to be underway, as per the Metro.

Announcing her death on Facebook, Ms Li’s close ones thanked fans for their support and said that though the family are “shaken” they are doing as well as possible.

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Meanwhile, in a similar incident, popular Brazilian influencer Luana Andrade tragically died last year after undergoing liposuction surgery on her knee at a hospital in Sao Paulo. The 29-year-old influencer suffered from 4 cardiac arrests after complications arose during the cosmetic procedure. 

Ms Andrade’s heart stopped approximately two and a half hours into the surgery. The doctors stopped the fat removal procedure and tried to revive her. She was transferred to the intensive care unit. A medical investigation later revealed that the influencer suffered from a pulmonary embolism, which was associated with a thrombosis. 

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