BMC needs to formulate plan for debris disposal

Amid Chief Minister Eknath Shinde’s citywide deep cleaning initiative, an industrial estate in a Mumbai suburb has become a hotspot for debris dumping. This has raised both concerns and hackles of locals battling escalating environmental and health hazards.

The illegal dumping site has seen over 50 trucks laden with debris flood the area between 7 am and 10 am daily and empty their contents on the plot.

The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) needs to address a festering and alarming issue. Locals have alerted authorities they claimed in a report in this paper. Yet, there has been a disappointing lack of response.  

Locals are bewildered as to what is going on, with so many trucks coming in every day. We have had instances earlier when trucks/lorries laden with debris would make their way near a sea, late at night and dump debris in the sea.

This brazen act, though, is shocking. The authorities must inform residents, through signboards about what exactly is going on at the plot, if legal. One cannot expect ordinary people to investigate as it is not their job and can be dangerous, too, at times.

If legal, then sheets need to be put up everywhere, so that the dust does not bother those living in the area. If the trucks are a hindrance and cause a jam, it is time to regulate when exactly they arrive and stagger arrivals.

If illegal, it needs to stop and shut down, it is that straightforward. Respiratory problems are a major concern, and we have had so many examples of people suffering because of construction debris and dust mounds everywhere in the city. With the government giving certain guidelines and acknowledging ailments due to deterioration in air quality, why are these problems not taken care of? Action cannot happen post a report but complaints need to be investigated and acted on.

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